Nyati jjj Traditional Mampoer is made with double-distilled naloop and fresh maroelas to create South Africa’s favourite tipple - with a kicking 60% alcohol by volume and the unique, piquant flavour of the bushveld.

Nyati jjj Liqueurs are made from the pure heart of the distillation run. Mixed with sugar and fresh fruit - maroelas, naartjies, lemon & lime, apricots, peaches or our secret blend of wild berries - the liqueur is allowed to infuse for at least six months before it is ready for bottling.

The following bottle sizes and styles are available:

  • 750 ml Glass bottle
  • 250 ml Glass bottle
  • 750 ml Sand blasted bottle
  • 250 ml Sand blasted bottle
  • Shooter
  • 3 Shooter pack
  • 4 Shooter pack
  • 6 Shooter pack
  • 250 ml Ceramic bottle
  • 500 ml Ceramic bottle
  • Ceramic Bottle Gift pack
  • Dronk Berries
  • Shot Glasses